Improving The Counseling Process

Improving The Counseling Process

4 Benefits Of Telehealth Therapy Sessions

by Martin Franklin

After the recent pandemic, the mental health industry improved its online capabilities. Therapists met with patients over video calls, phone calls, and messaging. With things back to normal, many doctors and patients maintained the teletherapy sessions instead of going back to the office. Learn more about the 4 main benefits of telehealth therapy sessions. 

1. Increased Convenience 

Online therapy sessions are much more convenient than traditional therapy appointments. The patient doesn't need to leave their home, let alone drive to the therapy office and find a parking spot. People on a tight schedule and people with mobility issues receive immediate convenience. The patient will likely feel more comfortable in their own environment, too, making therapy more effective. 

2. Larger Therapist Selection 

When patients must go to the office, they probably pick a therapist close in proximity to their home or work. Since the patient doesn't have to worry about travel time, they can widen their search results to include therapists further away than they would visit in person. While patients get a much larger list of therapists covered by their insurance, they must remember that many certifications only allow the therapist to practice in their state. Stay in your state when searching for a therapist then narrow it down by specialty and reviews. 

3. Reduced Health Risk 

We just experienced a global pandemic that reminded us to be wary of contagious pathogens. We encounter foreign germs every time we interact with other people. Sometimes these germs can give us an illness. Patients with an immune deficiency, such as AIDS patients and LUPUS patients, have an increased risk. Telehealth sessions allow patients to stay at home if they feel sick. The patient won't risk getting sick by venturing out into the public. 

4. Less Stigma

Mental health used to carry a negative stigma. People thought people who received therapy to treat their mental health must be "crazy" or "unstable". Now, the majority of society has a much more open mind toward therapy. That doesn't mean everyone is up to speed with the times, though. It can be embarrassing to lock eyes with a colleague or family member as you walk into a therapy office. Telehealth sessions ensure your privacy. 

For people who haven't utilized telehealth services yet, the transition can be a slight adjustment at first. However, making a private space to complete the session in peace can help. To get started, contact a telehealth therapy session provider today.


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Improving The Counseling Process

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