Improving The Counseling Process

Improving The Counseling Process

What To Expect When An Employer Requests A Psychological Assessment

by Martin Franklin

When you are applying for some positions, you may be required to undergo a psychological assessment. The purpose of the test is to assess your behavior to determine if there are any anger issues, personality traits, or specific skills that could affect your ability to do your job. 

Requirements Your Employer Must Meet

To require an employee to undergo a psychological assessment, the employer must require that all employees undergo this assessment. Otherwise, failure to do so might violate the ADA.

Also, the behavior of an employee might lead to the employer being forced to order an assessment. In some cases, you may be required to pay for your own psychological assessment. In other cases, your employer might pay for the psychological assessment. 

You Might Benefit from a Psychological Assessment

Fortunately, undergoing a psychological assessment can be just as beneficial as undergoing a physical or a health checkup. By undergoing a psychological assessment, you will be able to not only demonstrate to your employer that you will be a good fit for a position but you will also be able to learn more about yourself.

What to Expect from a Psychological Assessment

You may be asked to participate in a test that will consist of questions or a checklist. These tests are considered to be standardized and the results are meant to be the same regardless of who is taking them. These tests have been developed by experts to be highly effective when diagnosing a patient.

Data Used During a Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment can be very broad and takes into account tests you have taken, interviews, medical information, and observational data. During an interview, the psychologist will ask you about your concerns and will also go over your mental health history.

Interviews might not only involve yourself but also family members and coworkers. However, these interviews will only occur after you have provided your written consent.

Why Each Psychological Assessment is Unique

What occurs during the psychological assessment depends on your own individual circumstances. The psychologist is trained to choose the right types of tests for you and how to interpret them. Not only will the results of the tests help determine whether you will be hired for a particular position but you may also be able to use the results of the evaluation and the opinion of the psychologist to decide whether you would like to receive therapy. 

For more information, contact a psychological assessment center such as the Andover Counseling Center.


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