Improving The Counseling Process

Improving The Counseling Process

Reconnection Healing: A Short Guide

by Martin Franklin

If you are suffering from an emotional or physical problem, it's natural that you would explore a number of healing methods until you find something that gives you some relief. If you have started to investigate energy healing modalities, you might have become aware of reconnective, or reconnection, healing. If you'd like to learn more about this practice, read below to have some common inquiries answered.

What Is Meant by Reconnection?

For people who are interested in energy healing methods, the thinking is that all disease is a deviation from wellness that is caused by any number of things. Each energy healing modality has a different solution for how to bring the body back into its rightful balance. Practitioners of all energy healing methods believe that energy can be harnessed and directed in a way that brings about wellness.

Reconnection healing claims to do this by working with light and energy frequencies and the information gleaned from those frequencies. With help from a practitioner, you will be taught ways of accessing those frequencies and information to bring your body and mind back into harmony. Ideally, your ailment will start to fade.

What Background Might a Reconnection Energy Practitioner Have?

Practitioners come from all kinds of backgrounds. There are some medical health professionals who find that this kind of healing helps their patients in addition to their other treatment plans, for instance. There are also others who came to this method from other kinds of work. While this is a new energy modality, certification programs are now in place so that you can be sure that the person you choose is trained properly in reconnection methods no matter what their professional experience may be.

What Happens During a Session?

If you're familiar with other energy healing methods, such as reiki, you may find that your experience is similar. Reconnection healing is not an invasive practice, so it should be very relaxing for you. You will lay on a table as if receiving a massage, and you'll be guided by the practitioner, who will be focusing on increasing the amount of electromagnetic energy in the space in order to help you access that energy. There are different ways of doing this, but many practitioners use their hands in order to move and direct energy toward you.

How Many Sessions Might I Need?

Reconnection healing is typically patient-led. If you feel better after one session, you might never need another. If you want to return for more healing, that can be arranged as well. The practitioner you select should be able to give you some feedback about similar patients and what worked for them.

After learning more about this modality, reconnection healing might be something you want to further explore. Search for a local reconnection energy practitioner who can discuss this more with you. Check out a company like Infinite Soul Expression  to learn more.


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Improving The Counseling Process

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