Improving The Counseling Process

Improving The Counseling Process

3 Common Questions About Psychological Evaluations

by Martin Franklin

A psychological evaluation can be a great tool in helping to analyze the emotional needs of an individual, and the results of the evaluation are very beneficial for a variety of reasons. When someone hears about a psychological evaluation, they may have multiple questions. This article will discuss the answers to 3 common questions that people have about psychological evaluations. 

Why Are They Performed?

Psychological evaluations are generally performed if something seems to be troubling, bothering, or otherwise upsetting a particular person. This evaluation will mainly look at a person's emotional well-being by performing a series of tests and assessments that analyze the person's personality, behavior, and capabilities. This evaluation is a great way to actually diagnose what may be troubling the person psychologically because the tests encompass so many different aspects of the individual.  

What Do They Include?

These evaluations include both tests and assessments. The tests are standardized, and they are given in the same format to each individual. Because they are standardized tests, this allows the psychologist to compare the individual's results to standardized information. This can then give the psychologist some basic answers because they can look at others who performed similarly on the assessment and see what areas those individuals were struggling with emotionally. 

Assessments are another important aspect of the evaluations, and they provide less standardized and more personal information. Assessments will include personal interviews with the patient and also family members, a review of medical and other health records, a review of school records, personal observation and study, and other personal forms of assessment. These interviews and observations allow the psychologist to look at the patient on a very personal level and see how they answer and react to certain questions, as well as how they act in a natural environment. 

What Are the Results of These Evaluations Used For?

Once all of the tests and assessments have been completed, they are then going to be analyzed by one or more psychologists, as well as other members of the health team. Having a diverse group of healthcare professionals look at the results allows them to all add their professional input and perspective. The analysis of this evaluation can then be used to give the person the proper treatment that they need to reach a better emotional state. This can greatly benefit them and help them to begin the process of feeling more in control of their life and changing it for the better. An experienced counseling service like Carewright Clinical Services can perform psychological evaluations. 


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Improving The Counseling Process

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